Cottage Core - The Aesthetic of Summer 2022

Cottage Core - The Aesthetic of Summer 2022

As spring thrives around us and summer looms closer, it’s only fair to keep our eyes out for the best trends to help us beat the heat.

It’s all about keeping it simple when the sun is out, and the cottage core aesthetic is here to do just that.

Ranging from a popular and cozy interior design style to fashion, cottage core is completely taking over our social media feeds and shopping carts - and for very good reason.

It turns out that leaning into the romantic and feminine cottage core aesthetic can be as effortless and simple as it looks! All it takes is the right piece to elevate your style and get you fully immersed in the new seasons.

The Classic

Is there anything more spring than an off-the-shoulder floral midi? We didn’t think so either. This ever-so-classic cottage core dress is the dreamy outfit you’ve been dreaming of, perfect for all of the picnics and Sunday strolls summer holds.

No sacrifices are needed, either! Flattering design enhances your figure while also playing into the flowy, carefree trademark of the cottage core aesthetic. With its delicate and modern floral print, the Maeve Midi Dress takes timeless to the next level.

 A Pop of Color

The right dose of color and an elegant, streamlined silhouette make for a fool-proof spring and summer look. From outdoor weddings to casual day dates, there’s nothing you can’t take with this winning combo.

Cottage core ruffles bring flirty, romantic vibes, while contemporary design keeps things sophisticated and effortless. Pair with other bold colors for something different or keep it subtle by accessorizing with nude tones - the choice is yours!

A Lil’ Something Extra

We are all for the classics, but there’s no denying the power of some extra flair now and then. For those of us who lean towards the unconventional, there’s no need to sacrifice personal style in order to get on board the cottage core train. Featuring short puffed sleeves and open back detailing, the Zoya Floral Dress brings the fun you’re after this summer.

With its small, delicate pattern, cottage cores sleeves, and modern cutouts, this dress shows us we really can have it all.

When it comes to accessorizing, incorporate natural elements and textures into your look! Straw bags or hats are the perfect places to begin, right alongside dainty jewelry and natural makeup.

Whether you’re headed to brunch dates with your best friends or sweet and romantic dates with your S.O., these cottage core dresses are here to win you right over with their charm. The best part? There’s something for everyone. From the classic cottage core styles to options featuring a little extra flair and pops of color, you’ll be beyond prepared for every occasion.

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