About us

At Pretty on Purpose, we believe in being our most authentic, pretty badass selves.

We’re here for the badass womxn who want to take over the world. Our mission is to bring affordable pieces that are multi-faceted and on-trend to North American women who aren’t afraid to own their aesthetic. We’re unapologetically ourselves, and intentional about the way we dress to impress (ourselves).

We started Pretty on Purpose because we’re committed to bringing you the sassiest, trendiest pieces from the UK, US, and Australia and Asia without the hefty exchange rates. We’re bringing you bold and unique styles that cater to you from your everyday lifestyle to your glamorous nights out. They’re fun, show-stopping outfits that you can feel absolutely amazing in. That’s why we’re here. 

We know that boss babes like you need outfits that are empowering and daring. We’re not afraid to step out of the box for you. Because let’s be real – we aren’t defined by just one style. We’re creative, we’re flexible, and we’re original. Our brand isn’t tied to one specific style, so we comb through THOUSANDS of pieces to curate only the absolute best styles for you.

We’re feminine, we’re feisty, we’re pretty on purpose.